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The consulting services rendered by SEATEC to its clients include the main categories of work :

- SG : General Study Services

- SE : Environmental Study Services

- LA : Laboratory Analysis Services

- DD : Detail and Design Services

- CM : Construction Supervision and Management Services

- AV : Advisory Services

In addition to our main business of Engineering Consulting Works, we offer Engineering / CAD Drawing Production Services by means of totally Electronic to Overseas Clients/Prime Consultants

Our comprehensive technical services aim to provide highest quality at minimum cost to our clients. We take all the necessary proactive steps for eliminating any delay in project execution and with Quality Assurance / Quality Control of our services. As we have obtained ISO 9001 certification, this ensures that we have consistent quality management for each project from inception to completion. Moreover SEATEC has Worldwide Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) for our services.

SEATEC works in all categories can be grouped into following sectors:

1.Environment Sector
Study of environmental that effect to the development, or services of improvement or monitoring the quality of environment.


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