Study for the Development of Dinosaur Museum Project

Narrative Description

      Southeast Asia Technology Co. Ltd. was appointed by Tourism Authority of Thailand to undertake the study for the development of Dinosaur Meseum Project in Khon Kaen province. The Physical development of Dinosaur Museum consisted of two parts:
1.At the excavation site of "Phu Pratu-teema"
-developing interpretation trails and three site stations of buried fossils (No 1, 3, 9)
-renovate the site of station No. 2
2.At the site located 2.5 km from "Phu Pratu-teema" site
-designing museum of paleontology and Field Station which consists of Dinosaur Exhibits. Field Station, Laboratory, Library, Auditorium, Canteen, Administration and Outdoor Exhibition.

Services Description

   Feasibility Study for development of Dinosaur Museum Project in Phu Weing District, Khon Khaen Province, based on:
•Recommendation on developing interpretation trails and the site stations of buried fossils in Phu Pratu-teema site.
•Conceptual design for museum of paleontology and its facilities.

Name of Project Study for the Development of Dinosaur Museum Project
Location Khon Kaen Province
Client Tourism Authority of Thailand
Duration November 1994 - November 1995
Project Cost