Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of Surat Thani Water Supply Expansion Project

Narrative Description

       The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) intends to expand potable water supply system in the provincial cities (Surat Thani, Phet Buri and Phattalung) in Southern Thailand.  A loan agreement between the Government of Thailand and the Japan Bank of International Cooperation has been negotiated and was signed on 22 September 1993.
At present, the existing facilities of Surat Thani Waterworks are suffering from the increase in water demand due to a rapid expanding and developing areas of this city.  An improvement program to rehabilitate and to modify the existing systems, together with expansion works to increase the production capacity of the existing facilities was proposed.
The scope of construction is follows:
(1)Construction and rehabilitation of raw water intake and pumping station and replacement of existing raw water transmission pipes to Surat Thani treatment plant and Phun Phin treatment plant.
(2)Construction of water treatment plant (1,600 cu.m./hr.) at Surat Thani and at Phun Phin (250 cu.m./hr.).
(3)Construction of clear water reservoir at Khuan Tha Kup (11,000 cu.m.).
(4)Construction of transmission pipeline from Surat Thani of Kanchanadit and distribution pipeline at Surat Thani area, Phun Phin area and Kanchanadit area.

Services Description

The Consultants carried out the construction supervision services and carried out in three major works as follows:
•Pre-construction Period - The Consultants provided assistance to PWA in pre-bid process and evaluation of the bids; prepare detailed report on the evaluation and comparison of bids received for award of contract; and provided assistance to PWA in preparing contract documents with successful bidders.
•(Construction supervision Period: - The Consultants undertake the supervision services necessary for the construction works.
•Start-up Period - The Consultants provided services related to commissioning of the facilities accomplished including preparation and submission to PWA of instruction manuals for operation and maintenance of all water supply facilities.

Name of Project Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of Surat Thani Water Supply Expansion Project
Location Surat Thani Province
Client Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA)
Duration May 1996- April 2000
Project Cost