Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of Chiangmai Water Supply Expansion Project

Narrative Description

     Chiangmai is the second most popular city in Thailand. It is located at about 600 km. North of Bangkok. The project area includes Chiangmai and its surrounding sanitary districts namely: Mae Rim, San Kamphaeng, San Sai, Saraphi, Hang Dong and Doi Saket. The Chiangmai service area consists of two sub-systems: one in the high elevation area limited to the Western portion of the whole system; and the second is the system in the lower elevation areas.  The high elevation area will be served by the Umong and Paton Water Treatment Plants (WTOs), the water of which will be supplemented by the New WTP using the Mae Kuang Dam Water. The dam will also serve the Doi Saket area. Mae Rim and San Kamphaeng each will be served by separate sources. The existing facilities of Chiangmai waterworks are suffering from the increase in the water demand due to rapid and developing areas of this city.  SEATEC was also involved in the preparation of the Detailed Engineering Design for an improvement program to rehabilitate and to modify the existing systems, together with expansion works to increase the production capacity of the existing facilities. The project funded by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

Services Description

The services provided by SEATEC include the following:
•Providing Assistance to PWA in evaluation and comparison of bids received for award of contract
•Carrying out all engineering aspects and necessary procedures to ensure orderly and unimpeded progress of the construction works.
•Assistance in the start-up of all facilities to be provided by the manufacturers or contractors in accordance with their contracts.
•Assistance in consolidation of progress Report and Final Report.

Name of Project Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of Chiangmai Water Supply Expansion Project
Location Chiangmai Province
Client Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA)
Duration February 1995 – May 2000
Project Cost